Why Mexico City Has Difficulty Developing Essay

Why Mexico City Has Difficulty Developing Essay

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Mexico is one of the biggest cities in the world, and the largest urban area in Mexico. The city suffers from five main problems which are; industrialization, population, pollution, water and
diseases. This city is densely populated it contains the most people in the country of Mexico.
The problems listed above are the main reason why Mexico City is having so much difficulty
developing. Mexico also has some solutions to the problems that may help make it a better city
and an easier , less-stressful country to live in. Some solutions are reducing poverty rate,
increasing pollution laws, and so on.

Population growth in Mexico grew rapidly as people migrated into the city. There were
two main factors affecting population growth; everyone was migrating into the city (megalopolis; which means cities surrounding cities) and secondly, natural population increase.
So many young adults have moved into the city and are preparing to begin a new life and start
a new family. It was said that by the year 2000 the city would have about 26million inhabitants
which therefore aided in the rise of population in the city. Despite the fact that the city has
expanded almost seven times in thirty years, the expansion could not keep up with the rapid
population growth. I think the city should do something in order to lessen the growth of the
population such as increasing life expectancy and having smaller families. (Viewpoint Page 263)

Some people left the country and moved to the city because of food shortages,
improper distribution of development levels, no access to important services in certain parts of
the city, example; health care. People who lived in such manner, migrate to the city in order
to have access to ...

... middle of paper ...

...respiratory problems, and breathing difficulties due to the vast numbers of factories and
exhausts from vehicles and so on. This problem is not inevitable, as humans, we have the ability
to unravel these problems in many ways, such as planting new trees to avoid soil erosions and
keeping litter, wastes and leaves out of the gutters.

In conclusion, it is clear that Mexico City is in peril and in serious necessity of
progression. If the community does not take the five main problems into consideration and
make an effort in resolving these problems, the country will be in a horrific state. The poor will
get poorer, the pollution will get worse, the population will reach its peak and living will be
a challenge. As a result, I strongly recommend the society do something and take action
instantaneously for the benefit and well being of their own country.

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