Why Mental Disorders Affects People Essay

Why Mental Disorders Affects People Essay

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Mental disorders are a result of different problems associated with the brain, and each problem has various symptoms. These disorders of the brain are normally characterized by different factors that are combined such as emotions, relationships, behavior, and abnormal thoughts. There are many reasons why mental disorders affect people, which include reasons such as family history, and genes, life pressures, and habits for example drug abuse history as well as stress. Some biological reasons include a brain injury that may have been traumatic, in case a mother has been exposed to toxic chemicals or viruses while she was pregnant with a child, even cancer may lead to some probability of having mental disorders (Mental Health, 2016). All these factors may lead to a person having or developing mental disorders in life. Some examples of mental disorders include drug abuse disorders, bipolar disorders or depression disorders, schizophrenia, intellectual disorders and disabilities and many others. For some of the mental disorders that people get, there could be remedies such as counseling and medications that may help a person to become better (World Health Organization (WHO), 2016).
Mental disorders such as bipolar disorders and schizophrenia do not just happen without warning signs and seeking medical help with the onset of this developing signs may help minimize or prevent the extent of the disorder (WHO, 2016). Some of the developing symptoms of mental disorders include withdrawal that is interesting loss in social activities and others, a decrease in functioning that is performance drop in work, school, sports, and social activities (American Psychiatric Association, 2016). Another is problems in thinking and concentrating, an apath...

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...e bipolar disorder for individuals who seem to present such signs and symptoms. Research by Peacock (2000), has also generated various ways to assist affected people living in remote areas, largely built on the ideas of telemedicine to enhance a zero-tolerance approach to the expansion of bipolar disorder in modern society (Peacock, 2000).
Ultimately, bipolar disorder is like any other condition in that it should be managed with care to avoid eruption to its more severe stages. Since the disorder has no particular cause, friends, and family of people, experiencing this disorder should be accommodating and embrace affected individuals to help to monitor the symptoms. In such a caring environment, it is much more likely that affected individuals taking the prescriptions as advised by their doctors can successfully manage and treat this condition (Plunkett, 2011).

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