Why Men And Women Are Judged Based On Their Experiences Essay

Why Men And Women Are Judged Based On Their Experiences Essay

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In society, there are different reasons as to why men and women are judged based on their experiences such as sex and what they do with their lives such as the types of choices they make every single day. Every person has an experience that they either regret or that are happy that it happened. Women are seen differently than men are mainly because of the way that they dress. Society tries to compare both men and women with how they run their lives when it comes to sex and what is acceptable and what isn’t. Women and men are looked at differently when it comes to not having sex until marriage or until they are sure of the person that they want to have sex with which Girl by Jamaica Kincaid shows and Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy.
Women are judged harshly when they choose to save themselves for marriage because they were taught that sex before marriage is a sin in the eyes of God or for the person that they love. Women try to make the right choice when deciding the right time to have sex with a guy. For a guy they don’t really think about the emotions like girls do. Gu...

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