Why Media Ownership Matters and How Can We Solve It? Essay

Why Media Ownership Matters and How Can We Solve It? Essay

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When we choose a channel on the television, when we choose a newspaper, there are hundreds of options. Sometimes it is hard to choose one thing because there are too many options. However, is each station belongs to each media company? No, in case of United States, the companies called “Big six”; Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, News Corporation, Time Warner, CBS Corporation, Viacom owns most of mass media including broadcast, cable tv, newspaper, and various online entities. “The fact of one organization owning more than one type of public communications business.” This is a definition of Cross-Media Ownership from Cambridge Dictionary Online and this is what exactly media industry looks like in the United States.
There are many contradictory arguments about cross-media ownership. Some people said it is an effective way to manage media company. Also, some people argue that a media company can offer high quality information and product since they have broad network and huge capital. This information and product cannot be made with small capital. However, there are concerns that media concentration affects our society negatively.
The main reason that people worry about cross-media ownership is because the media can affect public opinion. Therefore, if a very few companies own most of mass media of the United States, then public opinion will be influenced by these few companies. Therefore, it will cause lack of viewpoint in our society. But How can we know the media can affect public opinion. There are three routes through which media often affect public opinion; agenda setting, framing, priming.
First, According to Ni...

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...stop growing. Although United State has a good regulatory organization called the FCC, but still it needs to be fixed to make a regulation that reflects public needs. By trying to make better media system, people in the United States must have better information than these days.

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