Why Married Couples Drift Apart After Marriage Essay

Why Married Couples Drift Apart After Marriage Essay

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In today’s world, divorce rates are increasing as marriages drift away day by day. Most marriages are in trouble, and many marriages go through a lot of dissatisfaction in their homes and unions. The rising trends of divorce rates are worrying, and marriage and relationship coaches have got different reasons to explain the issue affecting unions. However, there are some few happy marriages of happy couples. Today, many youths are afraid of getting married for fear of marriage troubles and family break-up. The fact is that no one gets married with the aim to put an end to it soon now or later. The bitter question that both married and divorced couples and have not ask themselves is, “why married couples drift apart after marriage?” That is why this essay endeavors to look into some of the reasons that lead to dissatisfaction in marriages that could lead to divorce, and to prove that divorce is not the cheapest mean to put an end to troubled marriage.
Communication is considered as one of the most important aspects of any relationship. As location is very important to real estate, so as communication in marriage. Many argue that communication is the glue that holds a union together. Communication break-down can develop into toxic patterns if no action is taken to curb this habit. Therefore, when communication is overlooked; the marriage begins to drift away. Couples who communicate less are more likely to break up than those who value communication. Through communication, one can know what their partner is going through and gives a platform for sharing one’s joys, worries, and anger. In communication, each person expresses their mind and misunderstandings that can lead to divorce can be clear and settled. Also, if couples can culti...

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...y people hold the opinion that marriage is not a bed of roses, it depends on the effort that one puts in their union to make it work. Marriage should be enjoyed and not endured. Marriage is not a contract that can be end, it must be for better for worse. It should make one better than making one desperate. Couples should frequently find time to assess the health status of their marriage or union and take necessary action to resuscitate it. Therefore, the married and those who are yet to marry are advised to have a positive attitude towards their marriage. However, there are some weak points that each and every union must go through; couples should address the issues affecting them promptly. Every marriage union faces troubles and not all troubles lead to divorce or break up. Above all, forgiveness should be exercised each and every day. Love prevails in everything.

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