Why Manny Is A Gang Member For A Vicious Gang Call Norteno Essay

Why Manny Is A Gang Member For A Vicious Gang Call Norteno Essay

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The story of Manny comes from central California in the city of San Jose. Manny is a gang member for a vicious gang call Norteno. He grew up in one of San Jose’s roughest neighborhoods he is from a Hispanic family. From the story you can see that he grew up without his dad which mean his mom was the only one there. But his mother was working two jobs she was not around enough to really raise him so the streets raised him in a sense. Already being in fourth grade Manny staring running the streets with his friends and getting into fights with other kids. Manny must have been around really horrible people because his crimes are really bad. At only 18 years old he already has 2 strikes according to California law. His first one was due to an alleged rape charge at the age of 14 to a year later pleading guilty to seven counts of assault with a deadly weapon. Obviously Manny was in one of the worst situations that many of our young juveniles go through. In this essay I will explain why Manny was put into this life style because of the strain that he faced while growing up which lead him to life of crime.
The theory that best describes this story to me is strain theory. It has all the right signs that would lead to this theory. Strain theory describes delinquency as being caused by frustration by not being able to have an equal opportunity or being normal which is considered by society to be like everybody else in the world. One example of this would be growing up in a house hold with only your mother and not your father when many other families have both. This would cause a strain on the child’s development in the sense that the things that Manny is suppose to learn from his dad he can’t because he isn’t there so he looked to other so...

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...ng in that area. All these would have probably kept Manny from joining a gang and committing those crimes but the fact that he was in those situations goes to show that having strains going on your life can lead you and make you become someone you do not want to be in order to fit in or to take the place of the pain you are feeling.
Manny was lured towards the gang life because of the life he was brought up in. He did what he though was right for him to become a man in absence of his father and feeling that comfort that his mother never showed him due to work. As human beings we all go through strains in our lives and that goes to show you that having a mom and dad raising you and living in a good area can be the difference from reaching your true potential to hitting a total fall out and becoming someone in society that most people look down upon like gang members.

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