Essay on Why Managers Often Fail At Communicating Their Message

Essay on Why Managers Often Fail At Communicating Their Message

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There are many different problems for Americans conducting business internationally. There can be communications breakdowns, cultural barriers, language barriers, and even problems with the way our gestures are perceived in foreign counties. These problems are not always with the way that others try to communicate with us, but how we are perceived by the foreign business. If the foreign business looks at how we communicate with each other and sees that there are internal problems, they are less likely to want to conduct business with us for fear that we will treat them the same way.
Communication Breakdown
In Rosso’s article, Communication Breakdown (2014), “there are three primary reasons why managers often fail at communicating their message” (36). The three reasons are as follows: perception, lack of relationship, and lack of confidence.
This has to do with how our employees, and others for that matter, see us. If they sense that we do not care for their ideas, or are not listening, they will feel they are unneeded and we do not desire their input. “When managers don’t ...

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