Why Managers Are Important For Organizations For Their Managerial Skills And Abilities

Why Managers Are Important For Organizations For Their Managerial Skills And Abilities

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Explain why managers are important to organizations.
Managers are important to organizations for their managerial skills and abilities. Managers are needed to identify critical issues and quick responses. Another reason for their importance is their ability to get things done. They overlook other employees to ensure everyone is doing their job. Managers do matter for organizations. Managers matter with the way they interact with direct supervisors, also the way the organization is run has a major effect by the managers that are involved. Managers can affect the loyalty of the employees, along with performance levels. They have a major influence of success or failure in an organization.
Tell who managers are and where they work.
Managers are organizational members who tell others what and how to do certain tasks. Managers differ from nonmanagerial employees, a manager is someone who coordinates and oversees people in the organization that are working together in order to ensure company goals are met. Managers are classified in three different levels. First-line managers manage the work of nonmanagerial employees who are involved with producing the products or servicing the customers. Secondly, there are middle managers, who manage the work of first-line managers and are found among the lowest and top levels of the organization. Finally, there are the top managers, who are responsible for making decisions are establishing goals and plans that affect the whole organization. Managers work in different areas such as stores, restaurants, electronic corporations, and any other corporation.
Describe the functions, roles, and skills of managers.
There were once five functions which included planning, organizing, commanding, coordinati...

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...lture are challenged and involvement, which explains that involvement of the employees. Then there is the freedom which the employees can independently define their work. Following is trust and openness, showing that the employees respect one another. Then idea time, which is to elaborate on new ideas. Playfulness and humor are emphasizing the workplace. Conflict resolutions are seeing if decisions and resolutions are based on the good of the organization. Debates showing employees are allowed to express their opinions. Finally, risk-taking to see if there are any rewards for taking risks. Workplace spirituality is an issue that promotes a purpose through meaningful work. A spiritual workplace has five characteristics which are a strong sense of purpose, trust and openness, focus on individual development, employee empowerment, and toleration of employee expression.

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