Why Man Needs a Sovereign Essay

Why Man Needs a Sovereign Essay

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In the reading Thomas Hobbes Leviathan, Hobbes makes a concept in which any commonwealth must have the leadership of a sovereign in which possesses absolute power that in return will be able to administer order and peace among his or her subjects. In this concept, Hobbes focuses on several different logical characteristics of the human nature that can be looked at as flaws of the human nature as to which he bases his ideal. Within the first few chapters of the Leviathan, Hobbes takes the reader through these logical characteristics which include the sense, speech, reason, and passions of a man. As you take a more in depth look at what Hobbes sees to be the inner-workings of a man it becomes clearer to understand why it is important for a commonwealth to have a sovereign with absolute power to be able to see fit that there is order and peace among the state.
Looking at what Hobbes sees to be the nature of the man you can pick out several points of his view to understand why he believes that man is in need of a sovereign to govern themselves. One of the more clearcut aspects that Hob...

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