Why Liberal Art Is Useless Essay

Why Liberal Art Is Useless Essay

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Jones starts his article by a statement “liberal art is useless” then proceeds to prove it in the following pages. In his essay, Jones indulges in a philosophical discussion where he presents arguments and counter arguments in a dialogue style. His background in philosophy probably led him to adopt such a style that puts forth an argument before obliterating it by another until the final, desired argument is presented to the reader. The author tries to bolster his point by shooting down unwanted arguments and leaving the desired one stand out in victory. Jones invoked many anecdotes and few studies to prove his points. The overarching theme of his essay revolved around laying out the reasons for why liberal art is useless. The author attacked the common misconceptions or faulty answer usually shouted out by the mob whenever such a question is addressed. According to the author, liberal arts are useless not because they are not lucrative or lack the potential to land a job for a person who holds such degrees. However, the problems stem from the fact those liberal art degrees are amorp...

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