Why Law Enforcement Went Above And Beyond Their Protocol Essay

Why Law Enforcement Went Above And Beyond Their Protocol Essay

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example in Miami, Florida on Memorial Day, a 13 year old boy was chocked by officers simply for watching them. These officers accused him of “dehumanizing stares’” which gave them the right to use excessive force to take him down (Scott, 1). Why are officers believed to be right? They simply have power over the victims and the law backing them up which is causing them to always be right. As a result, people and organizations have created political-fights against those whom abuse their rights like officers. Many victims are filing law suits and suing against officers abusing their power amongst citizens.
Consequently Police Officers use their judgement of a suspect or victim based off race. There are many cases where law enforcement went above and beyond their protocol because of racial profiling. An example of this is when a black person is pulled over for a traffic violation where the type of vehicle is first determined and then their skin color. A majority of Blacks and Latinos drive either flashy or historical vehicles, this determines the ethnicity of the driver majority of the time. Harassment then takes place and no one can prove this but the victim and the police officer. There is a lot of people who are falsely accused for a suspect for matching the descriptive profile based off their profile. There has been hundreds of verbal complaints over the years. Within the past decade Los Angles, New York, Chicago, Miami and other big cities have been alleged in racial profiling. George W. Bush stated this about racial profiling, “it’s wrong and we will end it in America.” Yet it hasn’t stopped but has gotten worse (Ullmann, 23). New York City Police Department stopped more than 600,000 people, 84 percent were black or Latino. An o...

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...officers are expected to serve and protect, police officers abuse their authority which causes negative outbreaks through social media, racial profiling, and prejudice behavior toward our minorities. Racial profiling is the most common form of police brutality today. It’s all around our community and all over our Social Media sites. This is violating the fourth amendment and first amendment. Racial profiling is mainly targeting Black and Latino minorities which is justified to law enforcement. In other words, this is simply a form of legal prejudice that’s occurring amongst our minority. Although, there are many questions about racial profiling that cannot be answered. All in all it is difficult to prove that an officer is using prejudice behavior or racial profiling because they claim the stop to be a routine traffic stop or have probable cause to shot minorities

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