Why Kelly Is A Moral Predicament Essay

Why Kelly Is A Moral Predicament Essay

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Kelly has put herself in a moral predicament. She has this new life that she is doing so well in compared to the life of crime, or at least the crime, she had to run from. She is an asset to her community now and a positive influence for the people around her. This other woman for the purpose of discussion we will call her Ann, she is now on the way to jail for something they think she did do but she has been wrongfully identified. She is about to go to prison for something she did not do that will put her away for life. This other women Ann unlike Kelly is not currently a positive influence for her community and others. She in fact is a criminal who was arrested and falsely identified, because she was not identified for her own crimes. Does Kelly need to turn herself in or is her importance to the community more valuable than this other ladies’ freedom.
In the utilitarian way of thinking Kelly’s role in society, means that she needs to stay where she is because, she is doing the most “good” for the most people. The good that Kelly is doing, the people that she is helping all are p...

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