Why Johnny Can 't Write, And Why Employers Are Mad Essay

Why Johnny Can 't Write, And Why Employers Are Mad Essay

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Is it writing that allows us to be more powerful or is it our words, which allow us to become more connected thus, creating a more resourceful society. It is my personal goal to evaluate both of these ideologies and explain their values.

Writing is essential to our every day lives; it is an extension of our voice which contains our thoughts, goals, and even emotions. However today we don’t spend enough time working with students on their oral and written communication skills as explained by Garry Cosnett in the article “Why Johnny can 't write, and why employers are mad”. Mr. Cosnett is in charge of working with people within Wall Street firms to ensured their writing is clear and persuasive. An example of a firm is T. Rowe Price. “They tend to hire graduates of the most selective business schools, but even for this elite group, writing can be a challenge, Cosnett says.” (Holland) When Garry first enters a firm most are skeptical of what he going to do and how he will polish their writing. He explains to them that “"You can be the smartest person here, but if you can 't convince the portfolio managers to buy what you 're selling, you won 't be successful." (In Wall Street terms, that means you won 't make much money.)” (Holland) Truly enough stress cannot be put on the fact that if your knowledge can’t be communicated the value of that knowledge is diminished.

What about in careers other than those that take place on Wall Street for example Engineers. We often don’t think of them this way but “Engineers are artists, even if they don’t fit the popular notion of the term. It’s just that their medium is mathematics, rather than paint or words.” (Koelsch)They concentrate so heavily in their math and science craft they aren’t often...

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...he opportunity to share our ideas. The value of this connection is priceless. It makes our society better and forces us to grow because we have a stream of different ideas constantly flowing.

Writing no matter the reason we do it is an art. Like all forms of art we need to practice and spend thoughtful time progressing. No matter the reason one begins to write they should be mindful that their words are powerful. Those words can create friends and foes. Words can connect us to people in our hometown or across the globe.

The evidence is overwhelming: that writing both connects us and gives us power. As we pave the way for a new generation we can no longer ignore the fact that students need to be better writers. Once able to express themselves properly through the written word they will be more skillful and create a better world. The value of writing is limitless.

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