Why is Tuberculosis Coming Back with a Vengeance? Essay

Why is Tuberculosis Coming Back with a Vengeance? Essay

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Once believed to be easily treated and prevented, Tuberculosis (TB) has recently been making a steady comeback. Previous to modern medicine, TB claimed millions of victims, spreading from person to person like wildfire. Around the 17th-18th centuries, the “White Plague” took the lives of 1 in 5 adults (20%) in Europe and North America (Iseman, 1994). However, as technological advances progressed, this seemingly ferocious viral disease became a primal, insignificant thing of the past. But, in the nature of all bacteria, TB has, in the recent years, mutated to become progressively drug resistant. Why is Tuberculosis coming back with a vengeance? Well, the answer’s quite simple. TB has done an amazing job of standing in the corner and designing a full-proof plan. In the 1990’s, while more seemingly serious infectious diseases such as HIV and AIDS fought against TB for attention, capital, and research, HIV and AIDS won the battle (Interlandi, 2010). "The hope was that the resistant strains would just fizzle out over time, but that didn’t happen.” (Keshavjee, 2010) One major difference between TB and HIV is that Tuberculosis seeks out its victims, where victims seek out HIV. As “intolerant” as this may sound, those who have HIV have mainly themselves and their recent ancestors to blame. With premarital sex and homosexuality, HIV and AIDS survive. It was preposterous that TB was overlooked. Those who believe that it’s through human actions that TB has survived are incredibly incorrect, in my opinion. TB’s origin may be of human decent, however, it’s a bacteria and, well, bacteria don’t like to die. By this I mean that bacteria will survive by any means necessary. Michael D. Iseman of the University of Colorado School of Medicine would m...

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