Essay about Why Is The Rehab Process?

Essay about Why Is The Rehab Process?

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Throughout the research and time to find certain articles about “Tommy John” that match what I am studying, I found out that surgeries and rehab are not such a fun thing to go through. In order though to feel better or get the operations you need done I feel that it was proper to get the surgery I am studying. The surgery was absolutely amazing to understand to know and the certain things they move around such as ligaments and what they actually did to my arm. When I was younger I had the exact same procedure but they had a different name because of how young I was. The hint in that sentence was age. Age for this surgery or happening on certain children or even adults who play baseball is astonishing the percentages are higher then ever because of the overuse of there bodies. Being able to read more on this topic and grasp a better idea really made my perception grow stronger and have different appeals to those who have this operation. I know that the rehab process is such a long and drawn out thing but the only way to heal the muscle and even the ligaments is to take the time and ma...

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