Essay about Why Is The Pathway Of Truth Not Often Chosen?

Essay about Why Is The Pathway Of Truth Not Often Chosen?

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Why is the pathway to truth not often chosen? We grew up with a sense of curiosity, we want to know as much as possible. Do we stop and turn around once we discover our curiosity may cause pain and leave lasting scars? We stop and ask ourselves is this the right path for us? We ask ourselves is all this pain worth the reward of truth? The Wayfarer innocently chooses the path of truth and starts to experience how treacherous the struggle for truth will be; then he comes to accept the path he has chosen as the only option.
We begin life young and innocent, we make choices without much life experience, so we do not always understand those choices, but as we gain more knowledge and experience we analysis the paths and decisions we chose. I began a path I believed I was destined for. In all my innocence, I thought I had everything figured out. I wandered the same path for a many years working toward the dream of becoming a veterinarian. A dream I held on tight to for many years, participating in anything that I thought would get me closer to my goal. I was involved in 4-H and FFA, I volunteered at animal shelters, and my first paid job was at a veterinary hospital. We see a path before us, thinking this is the direction I should go and everything will fall into place, but as our eyes open and we learn the amount work it takes, we become more experienced in life’s complexity. At some points we may get discouraged and wonder if we are making the right decisions.
Love and heartache, joy and misery; we need to understand one to fully enjoy the other. If we do not have painful experiences in life and make wrong decisions, we can never really understand that we found what makes us happy. Without having our hearts broken, how can we ever real...

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...ess traveled by, And that has made all the difference” (Frost). We decide who we want to be in our lives no matter the “hand we are dealt.” We have to have the courage to travel the path we feel is our path, even if “each weed is a singular knife.” The right path is never easy, but it 's more satisfying when traveled.
The Wayfarer is an empowering poem. I travel the path toward truth and I believe every scar is worth the pain to get where you want to be in life. I interpreted the traveler as continuing on the harder path and no matter the obstacle that he had to conquer, he is going to find the truth. As he got older he understood that the path was going to be hard and was wiser to why this was the path less traveled. All life experiences make a mark upon us. We all start life young and innocent, then we start to carve out our own paths, and find our way in the world.

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