Essay on Why Is the Colosseum So Famous?

Essay on Why Is the Colosseum So Famous?

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The Colosseum was an arena for many famous fights. Most people know about famous gladiators that fought at the Colosseum, but not many people know the history of the Colosseum. Why did they build it? What happened there? How did the Colosseum impact the daily life of the citizens of Rome? The Colosseum is filled with amazing knowledge and is an architectural wonder. The Colosseum has a vast amount of history just waiting to be found.

What was the Colosseum? The Colosseum was many things. It was an arena. It was a racetrack. It’s also an architectural wonder. The Colosseum was where criminals, famous fighters, and animals fought to the death. It was also a place where chariot racers would race each other for first place. The wealthiest people had the best seats which were closest to the arena floor, but the poor people had to sit higher up. The Colosseum was open to the public all day long. It even had awnings to protect the viewers from the sun.( "The Colosseum in Ancient Roman Times.", 2013)

Over the time there were many famous arenas but none as grand as the Colosseum. Buildin...

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