Why Is Receiving A Kid? Essay

Why Is Receiving A Kid? Essay

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Believing is receiving
As a young kid we all won’t the same things as a kid in elementary school make good grades have a lot of friends even be the teacher pet. Sometimes it does not happen that way because at people’s homes you never know what they could be going on in their lives. When I was growing up there was a lot going on at my house in my younger years. Suddenly my mom get a call to talk about my beaver at school they would like to have a meeting with her. That Friday we was sitting there and I got the worst news all I could do is cry. I have to change schools the worst news a kid could hear to their little ears.
After the meeting my mom sat down with me and wiped my tears and she said she feels like it is best for me to go to this school.” She said that I can get the help that I need to make me learn better” it was a special ed . During that present time I did not know what that meant most people referred to it as the retard class. I was like it ok that being my mom I did not question her dissension. Immediately I wormed up to the class the teacher was nice I got alone wit...

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