Why is it Important to Learn About the Holocaust? Essay

Why is it Important to Learn About the Holocaust? Essay

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Studing the Holocaust is very importnant, there are many different categories in this topic that you can break it down into. Hitler's rise to power, the Holocaust itself, World War II, Anne Frank, and why it is important to learn about the Holocaust. These are vey large topics in this subject, they are important things to hit on. The holocaust caused a lot of confusion durnig this time period.

Hitler was superb at convincing people to believe everything he said. He promised the people a roast in every pot, security, and many more things. By promising the people security that meant that he would keep them all safe and that he can do a better job than anyone else. Adolf Hitler increased in support from bankers and industrialists. So, pretty much he had most of the people who had higher power on his side durning this time period. The the united States stock market crasedd in October 1929 unemployment in Germany quickly rose to over six million. This opened another window for Hitler to get more peoplewho thought that they had nothing and their life was over to side with him. President Hindenburg did not want for Hitler to become the chancellor so instead he appointed Von Pappen but, Adolf Hitler did not agree nor did the Nazi's. hitler eventually did become the chancellor on January 30th, 1933 Hitler then banned all political parties. In 1934 the president died and Adolf Hitler forced his way into power. Now that he was the president he can change anyhting that he wants.

The Holocaust in general was a very terrible time period. There was a lot of horrible misunderstandings in this period of time. I think of it as these people were brainwashed and had no one better to look up to so they went with what he said. Hitler lied to them unt...

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...her and Margot Frank were killed by illness. Anne and Margot Frank died just a couple weeks before they would have been freed by the Amenuans, Anne Frank fied when she was 15 years old.

Some people often wonder why it is important because it helps to inform some people about how terrible it was during this time period. Also, when we are informed about this time period. Also, when we are informed about this time period it helps to make sure that something so crazy does not happen again. These people that were killed were very similar to us. They still wanted to go through their life and not have to worry about being judged so badly by people that they were killed. This could easily have happened to innocent people in the United States. It also is important that we are not racist and go against what someone believes in. The Holocaust was a horrible time period.

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