Essay on Why Is It Important For Set Goals?

Essay on Why Is It Important For Set Goals?

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Why is it so important to set goals? Well, many people set goals for many different reasons some

people set them to achieve the next milestone others to keep themselves motivated. Others find setting

goals as an inspiration, or a power booster to build up their ego 's. Then there are those that find

stability and focus through goals setting in order to reach their highest potentials. While most people

may have many goals to which they would like to see accomplished, some of them are clearly more at

the top of the list than others. Like for instance, your job goals maybe at a higher priority than your

personal ones therefore, you 'll take more initiative on meeting them quicker than normal. This is why I

decided to make a list of all my goals in both my personal growth, and job growth to help keep me

focused on my future. Which I will strive to achieve using my short and long term strategies and

methods. They are as follows: first the ones that mean the most to me, then the one 's that are at the

bottom of my list of goals to meet.

Job growth goals: Personal growth goals:

1. Job satisfaction 1. Improving writing skills
2. More responsibilities 2. Staying positive
3. Growth in resources 3. Self- improvement
4. Developing expertise 4. Debit free
5. Manager 5. L...

... middle of paper ...

...riod, and ones that will take a bit longer to meet. Put

your plan into action by using the above strategies and methods to which I mentioned in my paper. If

you apply these and add other methods to which works best for you, then you will be a success story

yourself. It just take careful planning, patience, support, and confidence in yourself to reach them.

Never underestimate yourself, because you set the stage, and no one can come between your goals but

you. So, go out and make life 's challenge a positive one, by motivating yourself to make goals and

sticking by them. Reach for the top, and add to your success by implementing new challenge each and

every day.


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