Why is Having Medical Benefits Important? Essay

Why is Having Medical Benefits Important? Essay

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Medical benefits have been a popular conversation that has received positive and negative feedback. Why is having medical benefits important? Important to you and your family. Medical benefits can assist with families when in need and also financially hurt families that do not have assistance. Most citizens have the question of should having medical benefits be mandated by Congress. Having insurance benefits is a necessity because it means that if an accident was to occur and it required a hospital visit, who would be responsible for the hospital bill.
Having medical benefits mean the personal cost that the individual have pay for surgical and medical expenses would be at a percentage. Having health insurance will sometimes give you a reimbursement for from health insurance companies. Health insurance benefits are provided by the state and employers.
Citizens do not have health insurance for a number of reason but the main reason is the cost. Private insurance is costly for an individual person and family. Health insurance provided by employers for larger companies of more than 50 employees. Depending on the package and company that the employer has provided the cost for individual or family may be reasonable. Each state provides a state-funded Medicaid insurance plan.
For the state provided insurance the individual or family must qualify for the program. With the state-funded insurance the individual or family may qualify for straight Medicaid or Medicaid Alliance. The states straight Medicaid requires no payment but the individual must receive referral to visit specialist and have to visit certain physicians that are assigned with their particular insurance company. Also, most families automatic qualify when they h...

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... there premium and the health benefits will lapse. That in turn will cause the head of household to face a financial fine for not having medical benefits.
The Affordable Care Act protects and insures every individual and household to give them comfort of not paying out-of-expenses. The main reason citizens feel they should not be mandated to become insured with health benefits is because they believe it’s unaffordable and they should not have to have health insurance if they do not want to. Congress feel citizens should be mandated because they are looking at the bigger picture such as the United States debt, hospital billing, budgets and insurance profits. As an ending result the “Obama Care” is passed and citizens have a specific amount of time to apply and receive health benefits or pay a fine until it is completed.

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