Why Is Daniel An Effective Leader? Essay

Why Is Daniel An Effective Leader? Essay

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Direction for Some, Support for Others – Case 7:2
According to the path-goal theory, why is Daniel an effective leader?
Path-goal focuses on job performance and satisfaction by focusing on what motivates the employee (Northouse, 2013). The relationship between the leader’s style, work setting and the characteristics of the employee are central in path-goal theory. Daniel is an effective leader because he changes his style (Gupta, 2009)of management and leadership based on the group of employees he is working with.

Most of the employees in the copy department are part-time college students and many of the tasks are redundant or repetitive so Dan places an emphasis on the work environment, allowing the employees to dress casual, offering flexible scheduling, and creating an atmosphere where employees welcomed and included. Working in the desktop publishing department requires a unique set of skills and these employees usually work full-time. Dan uses a much different approach with these employees because he realizes that they are much more self-directed, independent and confident in their abilities. When working with these employees, Dan sets the goals and then allows his employees to use their skills to accomplish the job, stepping in offering support and direction when needed.

How does his leadership style affect the motivation of employees at The Copy Center?
Leaders that use the path-goal theory of leadership must choose the appropriate leadership style when considering how to motivate and meet the needs of their employees. In this case, Dan uses several different styles of leadership depending on which group of employees he is working with. When working with both the part-time college students and his full-time employees, he...

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...or career-growth
• Monetary benefits
• Lost cost rewards like time off and leisure packages
• Making the subordinate role and job more meaningful, and important. Creating value
• Instigating a sense of achievement and pride
According to Ashim (2009) socio-economic status is a primary motivator for employees, they work not just to make a living, but also to see how they compare against their peers. For Dan’s full-time employees, this could be a big motivating factor. Most likely these are the employees who want to make a career in this chosen profession and will then be motivated by monetary rewards and promotion or career-growth. Dan could also use rewards like time-off, company parties, and formal recognition to motivate all his employees. Continuing to create an environment where people feel they are valued and appreciated with help to increase employee motivation.

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