Why Is Creative Writing An Important Field Of Study? Essay

Why Is Creative Writing An Important Field Of Study? Essay

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Why Is Creative Writing An Important Field Of Study?
Creative Writing is still a fairly new focus in the academic world. Since it found its place as a part of the English major, its importance and validation has been continually debated. Because of the influence of popular culture, today’s students have been strongly discouraged from pursuing studies within English or Creative Writing; what they aren’t being taught is the many benefits it presents.
There is a strong stigma surrounding the English major, stating that it is impossible to get a good job with this degree. Complex website, one of the most popular amongst students, listed Creative Writing as the number one most worthless college major. Similar websites, such as Forbes and The Daily Beast, also listed English among their worst and most useless degrees. It is influences like these, from misinformed and unaccredited sources, that convince young people today that pursuing a career in the path of English or Creative Writing is a dead end. However, this couldn’t be more untrue.
Because of the development in technology and social media, people are spending less time reading. You may think that this means the importance of writers is only decreasing, however, the need is actually growing. Reading is an important part of our daily lives. It is imperative to our cognitive development and has many needed benefits for our futures. It creates mental stimulation and helps to develop our critical and analytical thinking skills. The National Institute of Aging also reported that
Chappell 2
studies have shown a person will have a decreased chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease if they keep their brains active by reading books or magazines daily (...

... middle of paper ...

... a book or a story and have an aha moment – it is very similar to walking into any new space, such as a cathedral, art gallery or even a new friend’s living room. Our senses register patterns, colours, smells, and our brains organize this sensory data into what we call ‘experience’” (177).
As you can see, Creative Writing is an important and valid field of study. It teaches students to develop not only creative writing skills, but creative thinking skills as well. We need these new creative writers and thinkers for our future’s development. They are important assets in creating engaging and worthwhile reading materials as well as new and innovative ideas. If we continue to allow unaccredited outside sources to discourage students today from pursuing this degree then we are depriving the world of the next generation of great creative writers and thinkers.

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