Why Is A Good Arena? Essay

Why Is A Good Arena? Essay

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B. Why is this Topic important to understand?
It is important to study diet in different cultures in anthropology as food is essential in human existence. Food is insufficient commodity and thus offers a good platform for debate and advancing anthropological theories and research methods (Hockett & Haws, 2003). In addition, the study of diet brings about light on societal processes like political economic value creation, social construction of memory as well as symbolic value creation (Dirks & Hunter, 2013). This topic has created a good arena for debating cultural and historical importance in relationship to structural and symbolic explanations of human behavior. Through this, it is possible to respond to ethnographical questions as our understanding of variations of informants will have been enhanced (Fagan, 1996).
C. Why are you interested in it?
The main interest in this topic is to understand the diet in the four selected cultures in relation to classic food ethnography. Food ethnography include food and social change, eating and identities, food insecurity as well as eating and rituals (Montgomery & Bennett, 1979). This will help in understanding how and why each culture used a certain type of food. It will also explain how this diet helped that culture propagate and thrive in certain prevailing conditions as well as knowing reason for diet evolution.
2) Anthropology is a four-field approach. (Discuss at least two subfields)
The topic will be explored mainly through Archaeology and Human Ecology. Through archaeology, study of bones, tools and fossils will be used to study what people ate. On the other hand, human ecology will also be useful in ensuring that evolution of human diet as well as their variations are understood ...

... middle of paper ...

...ractions between cultures and environment. Therefore, impact of diet in settlement and site formation as well as effect of subsistence activities such as animals, soil and overall landscape modification is learnt (Hockett & Haws, 2003). Both approaches help in examining processes of cultural change and continuity. By using both human ecology and archaeology approaches, it is possible to examine diet beyond traditional environmental archaeology which in most cases is concerned with simple construction. Therefore, a more clear and systematic method that shows assessment of interactions between people and culture is formed. Through this, it will be possible to develop a comprehensive spatial archaeology that discusses diet in cultures beyond derivative spatial analysis (Hoffecker, 2009).
3) Anthropology is comparative and holistic
A. Culture 1: Neanderthal diet culture

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