Why Income Inequality Does Not Impair The American Dream Of Upward Mobility

Why Income Inequality Does Not Impair The American Dream Of Upward Mobility

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The overall averages between individual income and poverty rate appear to be close in number and stable. I conclude that a slight increase over the years of 1967 to 2013 does not strongly support the relationship with income inequality having a negative effect of upward mobility. I assume the data is to support the claim of income inequality impairs upward mobility, yet it shows a very minimal change in data. The relevance of the averages and correlations support the motion against income equality impairing upward mobility because it does not demonstrate a significant change rather stability.
In order to form my position, the development of my opinions during the debate was based on strong supportive evidence and important arguments. My conclusion is the issue of income inequality does not impair the American dream of upward mobility.
➢ Elise Gould and Nick Hanauer produced weak assertions about economic positions and the destruction of the middle class. Economic position relates to social stratification, the socio-economic layering of society’s members according to property, power, and prestige. She states, “[…that one 's economic position in childhood determines one 's position in adulthood…]”. The idea of predetermination is not a convincing claim, but more of an opinion based upon a family’s financial background. Elise categorizes the low-income families into a minority. A group of people living within a society that is disadvantaged in terms of power, control of their own lives, and wealth. She refers to inequality of opportunities and resources to the income inequality represented by only low-income families.
➢ The exaggerated claim about the destruction of the middle class due to larger shares flowing to the top creating a...

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...s would be against the idea of conflict theory. They may consider the competition is not fair due to the lack of opportunities and resources. These arguments are valid because people in upper classes would have the tools to achieve difficult tasks and perhaps be too quick to brag about their possessions.
➢ The number of members in the family, specific employment, and educational background, for example, a college degree would help one to grasp a better understanding behind another economic class. A family of five could have a mother who is a teacher and a waitress and a father with no college degree working in construction, but you may never fully realize by just appearance until you learned their background.
The perspective of a different social class allows one to step into their shoes and identify the number of rungs they must climb to achieve successful income.

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