Why I Would Become A Peer Advisor Essay

Why I Would Become A Peer Advisor Essay

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Why I would like to be a Peer Advisor
There are many reasons why I want to join the peer advising team here at San Diego State. I have a passion for helping other people in any sense of the word. If I can give someone some type of information or help that they are seeking than I feel as if I have a purpose and I am accomplished in doing my duty as a human being. My freshman year I was very confused as to what major i wanted to be in and Psychology interested me, so I attended the peer advising office seeking help. The girl that met with me was very friendly and was knowledgeable about the major at SDSU and laid it all out for me. I then later that day declared a psychology major. There are many student like myself who have no idea what they want to major in and don 't even know where to start looking. The peer advising center i believe is a great resource that i hope more and more people utilize so they can know about their options about majoring or minoring in psychology. I also want to get more involved at SDSU especially in the psychology department. I am apart of the psychology ...

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