Why I Wish to Be Admitted to an Internal Medicine Residency Essay

Why I Wish to Be Admitted to an Internal Medicine Residency Essay

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The Dean of my medical school opened his welcome speech with the words “If the answer to the question: why you wish to become a doctor is to make money or to have an easy life then you probably need to look for a new profession” At that very moment I realized the decision to become a doctor includes a sense of calling! Recollecting my previous experiences, I can say that entering the field of medicine was a gradual process for me. My birthplace is Mombasa, Kenya where I studied till grade seven, after which I shifted to India. Once I witnessed a riot ‘fujo’ as it is called in Swahili in Kenya. I recall lying awake in my bed feeling scared and helpless for those who were wounded and thinking about ways I could have helped them. Doctor was the one word that came in my mind. I visited doctors often along with my grandmother. During one visit, I saw the doctor’s ability to diagnose a case just in the nick of time which saved the patient’s life. This experience left me in awe of the medical profession. Following this, the award that my blood circulation project won in a science fair encouraged my love for sciences and greatly solidified my ambition to pursue medicine. As I grew older the fact that there were too many sick people, but never as many doctors around to tend to them in India and Africa, had left an indelible impression in my mind. I was extremely thrilled when I was admitted to a medical school in Mumbai.

During my internship in a Government hospital in Mumbai, I was presented the opportunity to handle a wide variety of cases in my internal medicine rotation. The intellectual stimulation and learning experience that every new internal medicine case represented was second to none. I recollect a lady walking in the outpatie...

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...This is an important learning experience for me.

A residency in Internal Medicine would provide me with innumerable opportunities to learn. I truly believe that learning is a continuous process in the lifetime of an individual. I aspire to a career as an internist following my residency. I seek a residency program that is committed to fostering an environment of continuous learning and dedicated to serving a diverse patient population. After going through the curriculum of the program, I believe it is the program I want to be at. I intend to take full advantage of a residency program in internal medicine at your esteemed institution. I hope you strongly consider me as a candidate because I am deeply committed to excellence. I look ahead to the next phase of my training as a valuable asset to your internal medicine team with great excitement and strong commitment.

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