Essay about Why I Want to Pursue a Higher Education

Essay about Why I Want to Pursue a Higher Education

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I’m a student at Tompkins Cortland Community College this is my first semester as a college student. I plan to go to college for four years and only be at TC3 for this one semester, then transfer to a four year school. College has grown around the world more than ever and more people are attending college more than ever. I have chosen to go to college because of the rewards after graduation. Yes it is another four years of school but by getting more education and an extended degree gives me more opportunities for better jobs and more money. The career I have chosen to study is business administration. I am hoping that it takes me to a great job managing a company or possibly being an accountant.
Before I attended TC3 I went through fourteen years of school. High school, grades nine through twelve were by far the most important four years of my career. My parents were constantly on me about having my grades up. They always told me what I did in those four year would determine my choices for college. Through the four years I tried to keep all my grades above 85. I struggled in some classes but most of the time I was able to keep my grades at the standard my parents requested. When I graduated, I was able to choose from many colleges. I had scored well on my SAT. They told me I could go to whatever college I was accepted into. I knew that I wanted to have a good career and I would be able to pursue my college dreams and wrestle in college.
My original plans were to go to SUNY Cortland my first semester. Not knowing what I planned on doing at first, I applied to SUNY Cortland too late and my application wasn’t accepted due to how late it came in. Now, at TC3, I started pursuing my career and am taking business administration course...

... middle of paper ... makes perfect sense is that jobs with high paying salaries and jobs like a teacher, dentist, nurse, or lawyer all require you to have a college education.
The United States gives everyone an opportunity to get a college degree. On top of the college opportunities give a great chance for jobs after the college education. Many foreigners come to the United States to get an education but they also tend to stay here, due to the job opportunities. In 2009 President Barak Obama put in a community college initiative to increase the college graduate level in the United States. In an article titled “Obama Plans Community-College Initiative”, Obama told reporters that twelve billion dollars was going towards community colleges. The goal of the initiative to have more college graduates than in recent years and to also put the United States number one in college graduates.

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