Why I Want to Get a Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Why I Want to Get a Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering

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The other Wes’ life decisions were influenced by Tony was I think negatively enough though Tony didn’t want Wes to look up to him as a role model, but it happened and Wes went. Tony was the only male he had left in his life so Wes took that and ran with it. Wes not only got into the drug game, but also had kids at an early age. No matter the times Wes tried to stop it pulled him back just like Tony. With knowing that the importance of role models is having someone or people that we think has a successful life or that we feel that is going down the right path help motivate us to go down the right path and to teach us how to handle situations in a good manner. They also encourage us to overcome our most difficult barriers. Furthermore, as our role models began to get involved in our lives we began to have that same passion as they do; they are like coaches that stay by your side when you are doing bad or good. My brothers are my role models and they always tell and help me when it comes to situations that I find difficult or when I feel like I want to quit. My oldest brother has encouraged me to go down the path of Engineering and coming to Wright State was another encouragement to go by. Not only do the people in my family influence my decision, but also my boyfriend and best friends. They can sometimes influence me to do both right and wrong. It feels like they try to put themselves into my shoes and tell me what they would do in that situation. Whether their decision is right or wrong I take both into consideration and that helps me determine what I should do. As far as me having role models at Wright State that will help me become successful throughout my college are people who has went through my program and has successfully moved on the next level up and also can not only understand me and my situation, but also where I am coming from and where I am trying to go. Furthermore I know that to make money, you have to put in money especially to further your career. With Mary Moore having her Pell Grant eliminated and being a unit secretary at Bay view Medical Center making only $6.

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50 per hour it just wasn’t enough money for her to keep her kids well fed, pay off tuition bills, and household bills. So she couldn’t finish college as she hoped that she would. If I was Mary Moore I would too feel like I couldn’t do it all especially when trouble is surrounding my children. I can also relate as far as it comes to paying for college financial too. I definitely know by my sophomore year going to college will be a dream again. I will have to find a way to pay for my sophomore year or there will be no more college for me. So my plan is to get in-state tuition somehow and get scholarships to help cover the rest of the bill that my loans can’t pay for. I really don’t like thinking about my future, because I will become stressed out and heart broken. I have hope and faith that my plan will fall through. My long term plans are to prevent me from fully financial stressing by working over the summer, scholarships and getting in-state tuition. I feel like I will work really hard to achieve my plans successful and achieve my bachelors in Industrial and Systems Engineering. I also would like to do internships and volunteer during my junior year. Having these long term plans and goals will help me know what my short- term goals and plans should look like and how they should be shaped. It’s important to do things little by little to achieve the overall big picture. I think the drawbacks for me or for anyone not having long-term goals and plans to achieve them are that you wouldn’t know what is ahead of you and it is always important to have a head start or being prepare to on take the unknown. You won’t know what you want for yourself which will lead you to confusion down the road of what are you doing with your life. If you don’t plan to achieve your long term goals you will never know where you are with your life and where you are going.

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