Essay Why I Want to Be an Anesthesiologist

Essay Why I Want to Be an Anesthesiologist

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Everyday, people go through surgery and require a specialist that will monitor their surgery as well as give them what they need to be able to persevere the pain, which is exactly what anesthesiologists do. In order for the patients to be able to get into surgery and deal with the agonizing aches after the abscission, anesthesiologists have to give the sufferer the proper treatment before and after the surgery. Overall, anesthesiologists must be highly educated in both medicine and communication, they need to be able to give the patient the right amount of medicine as well as speak with the family of patients and other doctors to inform them all with what will be done during the surgery, and they need to be able to properly assist the surgeons during operations.
In order for an anesthesiologist to give the right amount of anesthesia to a patient, he or she must be well educated about medicine and the human body. When discussing the education needed for anesthesiologists, the Arizona Career Information System states that interns must take the following courses: biology, dentistry, chemistry, business, and anatomy (“Anesthesiologist”). For one to complete all these courses it would be very time consuming, but in the long run it is beneficial because not only do anesthesiologists make so much money but they are very knowledgeable about many parts of the body. Also, learning about the sciences would be interesting and also help an anesthesiologist learn more about his or her life as well as the patients and know exactly what procedure would be taken during surgery. With only being able to prosper from these required courses, self-employed anesthesiologist would be on average making 300,000-450,000 while the salary for the ones who...

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...erson to uphold the responsibility of this position as well as great sacrifice to become an anesthesiologist. He or she is expected to do many great things, not only helping patients get in and out of the surgery safely but send them to the best recovery centers for each of his or her necessities.
Given these points its is easily shown that an anesthesiologist is not only highly educated in medicine and the human body but as well as in the ability to interact with others and deal with with his or her patients emotions and reactions. Anesthesiologists hold a very important position in the medical field. The general public needs anesthesiologist not only during surgeries but in dentistry, birth, and plastic abscission. With modern medicine advancing everyday, who knows in what other fields society we will need them.

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American Society of Anesthesiologists

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