Essay on Why I Want to Be an Airplane Pilot

Essay on Why I Want to Be an Airplane Pilot

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Lets think about a job that allows you to soar through the air like an eagle, without a care in the world, the job of a pilot is an amazing job that provides you with three things freedom, fully using your sight, and control.
The definition of a pilot is a person who operates the flying controls of an aircraft.Being a pilot is a hard a career to get into it is hard to learn all the things that are needed and the being able to find a job is just as hard(PEA).The job of being an aviator is also learning to be copilot.Being a copilot is a lot harder though, believe it or not. The mission of a co-pilot is to make sure the passengers are comfortable and to greet them as they are coming aboard the plane the other part is making sure that you are all set for take off ,this includes checking your fuel and going over the controls and mapping out the flight plan,(PEA). Then when you get up in the air it becomes a whole lot harder the pilot must make sure that you stay on the strict course and that you are not straying off the plan. When the passengers are aboard the plane the co-pilot or the stewards are usually the ones who explain the course of flight and to tell you to fasten your seatbelt. The job of being in the air force is also a hard and strenuous job job. It takes a lot of nerves to be able to handle the job. You have to be able to live with yourself when you shoot the other plane out of the air. Imagine going through the air when out of nowhere another plane fly’s by shooting at you, what are you going to do? Try to take it? No you are going to have to attack back and defend yourself. How would you like to live with yourself after knowing that you just sent a man to his death? But on the other side you are defending your country...

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...ould start to understand what the whole God thing is about.
In conclusion i find that i would like to go into the job of being a pilot because I feel like I could prosper from the job. I would love to experience the job of flying through the air without a care in the world (other than that of my passengers). I would love to experience the passion of going to new places and learning about different cultures. This is why i would choose to be a pilot.

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