Why I Want to be a Teacher in Burma Essay

Why I Want to be a Teacher in Burma Essay

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Every country has its own different kinds of curriculum and teaching system. They have their own curriculums to follow according to their traditional and cultural background. We all are possible to have the different experiences in our schooling life. In the same way we might also have the similarity. The experience that I have are based on the country where I have been growing up and I spent most of my schooling life in, Myanmar (Burma). There are some positive and negative aspects that I like to point out as a student to become a teacher.
The first thing that I like to share about why I choose to be a teacher and what is influencing me. The main reason that I like to be a teacher is my goals, I want to be a teacher, the addition of that influencing me are a teacher of the primary school teacher, cultural aspect and teacher identity. From the more strongly to my passion is via the fearful teachers from how they treat on their students/children.
Another reason is making me more passion about is if I could have a chance how I am going to improve my country education systems and curriculum approach. It’s about the teaching theories, general information about the education system and also about the role of a teacher. Now my country is open more opportunity for the education compare from my time at school. The economy is also interplay to the educational methods and attitude of the teachers in my country.
Teacher identity is one of the important details for education, because I believe teachers are a role model for the students/children in many other ways. Research shows again and again that children are using the similar action as their teacher while they play (Gloria Latham, Mindy Blasise, Shelly Dole, Julie Faulkner and Haren Malo...

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...ated fund of knowledge of the teachers, good theory practice, and a good foundation of the curriculum.

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