Essay on Why I Want to Attend Westmont College

Essay on Why I Want to Attend Westmont College

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Westmont College
Westmont College is a small, liberal arts college located in the beautiful Santa Barbara, California. The college only offers bachelor’s degrees. Westmont is a standard four year college. They are nondenominational and encourage their students to live out a Christian life. They supply Christian-based studies. An interesting fact is that 78% of financial needs are met! Serious crime (per 1000 students per year) is a shocking 17.06, drug or weapon incidents are 2.22, and alcohol encounters are 14.83. Santa Barbara is considered a fairly safe place so seeing these statistics is quite surprising!
Admissions at Westmont are highly competitive! You must have four years of English, two years of a foreign language, three years of math, three years of science, two years of lab sciences, and two years of social studies. Once you start to apply you are requires to write an essay and get recommendations. You are required to either take the SAT or ACT. Westmont does not specify on what your GPA must be, but the lowest grades of the incoming freshman are 2.50-2.99 and they are only seven percent of the class. So as you can tell your GPA is important. The college also considers your character qualities and your standardized test scores very important! Your application essay, extracurricular activities, interview (if you choose to have one,) level of interest for the college, recommendations, religious affiliations, the level of your high school record, and talent are considered important. Interestingly Westmont considers if you have relation to alumni, which I do! They also consider your rank in your class, if you are a first generation student, geographical residence, racial status, volunteer work, and if you have any work exp...

... middle of paper ... to Westmont a good idea for how much they would like the school. The graduation rate for men is 74% and the graduation rate for women is 79%. This shows that the students at Westmont are dedicated and determined. I like to know that because it demonstrates a good environment to learn and grow in!
Westmont College was fun to learn about! I knew it was hard to get into and now I know the goals I need to set for myself to be able to have a chance at getting into the school. Though most my family lives in Santa Barbara or other cities in Southern California I would be very far away from my immediate family, which makes me sad because I am so close to my family. I absolutely love Santa Barbara and Westmont sounds like a wonderful college on a beautiful campus, I would be so honored to be able to attend such a prestigious school to further my education.

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