Essay about Why I Want Mechanical Engineering

Essay about Why I Want Mechanical Engineering

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It took me a while to finally realize what I wanted to do for my project. It took me

sometime but I finally realize that cars have always been my life. For this very reason is why I

choose to go with something that involve cars. Mechanical Engineering stood out to me because

it involves the creation of the cars. The way the engine works is due to Mechanical Engineers,

without engineers like them we would be lost.

I choose Mechanical Engineering because I already have some knowledge when it comes

to cars. I’ve worked on them but have not truly really understand the concept of how they came

to be and how it was really created. Something about working with cars has always caught my

attention. Nothing really else has caught my attention the way cars and the way they work can

sometimes really be unpredictable.

Hopefully with a lot of help my mentor can really help me complete my product for this

project. He said it really shouldn’t take too long to complete my product but will cost around

$500 - $800. My mentor mentioned that it will take a lot of patience to get the correct parts

together but will take even more patience to put it all together because only then perfection will


My mentor also mentioned how fun it really is to work with engines all the time. Not

only did he mentioned that but why he choose to do what he does. He said that basically cars

completed his life, because whenever he felt lost cars would always be there. You could say that I

feel like that sometimes. There are times when I have felt lost and I had to do was jump in my

car and go for a drive just to clear my head. Its reason like that why I choose to do this for my

Running Head: The Importance of Me...

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... time. It has

grown tremendously over the years and has been an integral part in shaping our world today.

Which makes the importance of Mechanical Engineering a very crucial career in today’s world.

Not only would we be behind in technology today but would still be stuck in the past. What

history has shown us is that without all these advances we would not be as advance with out

Mechanical Engineers.

It is due to these engineers that we are able to keep moving forward. If the world had no

Mechanical Engineering it would be stuck in the same place as before, with nothing. Making the

world function how it is suppose to function today is the way of the Mechanical Engineers.

Running Head: The Importance of Mechanical Engineering

Making it ideal that the world can only proceed forward by solving the problems of tomorrow by

pushing its engineers forward.

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