Why I Want Become A Pharmacist Essay

Why I Want Become A Pharmacist Essay

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Totaled together, my many life experiences have defined why I want to become a pharmacist. Through my future career, I want patients to advocate for their health and an analytical integration of food, genetics, and medicine. Therefore, I have made my personal and professional skills the means to this end. An interest in pharmacy was no accident; my family fed me a steady diet of pharmacy-related discussions and experiences. My stepmother and late grandfather, both pharmacists, captured my imagination as they advised patients and businesses, counted pills and tablets, and worked days and nights to improve the health of those around them. I witnessed how essential pharmacists improve the well-being of communities through their assistance of patients, businesses, and governments. Like a critical engine gear, they kept the prescription process running smoothly, from patient to practitioner to payer. I understand now that I want to carry on their work and be a part of the health care engine, standing on their shoulders and assuring that, yes, the field is great as ever.
My cumulative personal, educational, and professional work and achievements enabled me to pursue the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. An interest in diet arose from a hobby; I cook under food restrictions due to familial genetic and lifestyle diseases. From literature reviews and recipe creation that carried over to the kitchen table, I could ease symptoms through food and drink. In school, I applied myself to studying biochemistry and the health sciences. I knew I wanted a career with advanced coursework and therefore prepared with the most relevant classes. Worked towards my goal while maintaining my focus, my GPA and my scholarship on top of my pharmacy-related jobs. At t...

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...specific research, business, and government roles. Most importantly, I want my work to be relevant to the field and human health, both now and in the future. Like my stepmother and grandfather before me, I want my work to improve the machine and, in the end, bring satisfaction.
After the last several years of experiences and accomplishments in studying human health, I believe that becoming a pharmacist is a great opportunity to put my experiences and education to work. In academic, professional, and personal contexts, I have strived to demonstrate my interest, candidacy, and appreciation for the field. I also believe that I have the background, skills, and dedication necessary to succeed as a health professions student. I choose become a pharmacist in order to make my positive impact on my family and community as the field grows, improves, and redefines human health.

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