Why I Spend Too Much Time On Media Essay

Why I Spend Too Much Time On Media Essay

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There are three reasons why I spend so much time on media. First, cognition-leaning purpose. Currently I am taking two online classes. In order to learn the knowledge and the information, I have to view both the video files that professor uploaded online and some documentary films that are relevant to lecture topics. Additionally, I need to use Microsoft Word to do my assignment and essay so that I can submit digital file online. While study those academic material, I also watch TED talk regularly to learn the new research or invention in the world. By doing so, I can understand what is going on in the world. On the other side, I spend my free time to watch makeup-lesson video. This is because I never put on the makeup by myself, and I can learn this skill by watching those videos on Facebook and YouTube.
Second, I use media for social utility purpose. According to my media diary, I spend
around one or two hours on video call everyday. The reason why I do this is because I need to maintain my relationship with my boyfriend. I have a long-distance relationship, so media is the only way that we can contact each other. Without media, I cannot even share my daily life nor visually see the person who is so important to me. In other words, I need media in our relationship to make me feel secure. At the same time, as a student organization leader, I check my email frequently to contact my team member and ensure they are doing well. By using media, I’m able to strengthen my relationship with other people. In fact, media is the best application to maintain the relationship.
Lastly, one of the reason why I use media is withdrawal. I’m not a super outgoing and energetic person, so sometimes I’m acting a little antisocial. When I do not feel...

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...I think this is the most interesting project that I ever done in my life. After the entire experiment, I believe I know myself a little more. First, from the media diary, I am able to see the average of time that I spent on each activity with media. By doing so, I can exam my own time management. Second, I found out the reason why I always tell others that “I am busy with study.” I used to believe that I am just not that into the social events so I often reject invitation. With the study of gratifications, I realize that I am always using media to withdrawal. Although this might not sound like a good way of using media, I learn my own weakness and decide to change from now. In the end, I respect the role of media in life even more than before. The media is not only a useful tool in work or academic field, but also a powerful medium in controlling emotion and feeling.

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