Why I Should Be Successfully Educated Through Books Essay

Why I Should Be Successfully Educated Through Books Essay

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To Be Successfully Educated Through Books

The most peaceful part of my day is when I am going to a bookstore. Usually, I will walk in with a vanilla latte in my hand and smell the sweet aroma the store provided from the books. I can clearly remember the first day I went inside a Barnes and Nobles. I felt myself step into a universe with access to many worlds, different genres, and pretty much just about anything that could be thought of. In amazement, I wandered from topic to topic seeking the sparks of interests. The books I read varied from fun reading like comic books to the more detailed, educational reading. I felt I could easily learn anything through reading books. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Can a person be educated by simply reading a book? I found that just simply reading does not make a person educated. There is certain contributing factors to education through reading books like understanding, connection, and dedication. The books need to be a passion for the reader and it takes effort to get educated by them.
When I was in middle school, my father gave me tons of hand me down books from previous generations in our family. I spent hours and hours reading each one trying to comprehend them. Although, since I was so young and the books were meant for an adult; this made it more complicated. The words were like jibber jabber to me. I could only look at the pictures to retain an idea of what the book was about. The words looked like nothing but text. If the reader cannot understand the words, then the book can’t educate them. Unfortunately, I came across the same problem when I got older. While attending an algebra class in high school, the teacher gave out an assignment to read chapters in our textbook and comp...

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...s the information becomes useless if it is not remembered. The frequent revising to refresh the mind on what was just read assists in the information being stored for learning. Furthermore, to simply just progress through a book can take persistence. Sometimes when the data is a book is not understandable, it is up to the reader who wants to learn to figure it out. The analytical thinking process is what encourages the reader learning from the book.
In conclusion, learning just only by reading takes more than just going through it. After all, simple education still takes what is important to the reader. According to W. Somerset Maugham, “The only important thing in a book is the meaning that it has for you” (Goodreads).
Whether it is a sci-fi comic book telling the importance of love to learning English through a textbook; the reader is the key to learning from it.

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