Why I Should Be Part of the UNICEF Team Essay

Why I Should Be Part of the UNICEF Team Essay

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“Service to a just cause rewards the worker with more real happiness and satisfaction than any other venture of life” (Carrie Chapman Catt). UNICEF directs its assistance in various developing countries on several different issues. This organization has the ability to capture the attention of many through various different advertisements such as the staircase ads in China. The powerful messages UNICEF displays throughout humanity allows several individuals to be aware of the occurring situations around the world. This causes them to effectively create a movement to arise causing many to take action and aid the unfortunate. The issue of children with disabilities living inequality is one that is often forgotten. I believe that being part of UNICEF would allow me the opportunity to help bring awareness and improve the care and services in several countries for those who are living with disabilities so that they are all living in equality.

Children with disabilities face daily discrimination in the form of negative attitudes, lack of adequate policies and legislation, and are effectively barred from realizing their rights to healthcare, education, and even survival (UNICEF 2013). Several societies make erroneous assumptions that those with disabilities are not capable to do anything. With an opportunity to join UNICEF, the inequality among the disabled will be eliminated. This organization works to create an inclusive environment for disabled individuals by promoting the rights of every child where ever they may be. “UNICEF believes that by increasing awareness, engagement and resourcefulness of communities and social service providers and involving children with disabilities in this integrated process can indeed bring about social...

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...he care and services the less fortunate receive.

In conclusion, if I were to be part of UNICEF I would have the opportunity to help bring awareness and improve the care and services in several countries for those who are living with disabilities so that they are all living in equality. UNICEF has the ideology of spreading awareness about the unfortunate individuals present around the world and creating an environment where they can be recognized for their rights, an ideology I aspire to contribute to.

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