Why I Like Donald Trump 's Immigration Policy Essay

Why I Like Donald Trump 's Immigration Policy Essay

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Why I like Donald Trump’s immigration policy

I can’t find another topic that can stir up more controversy: let’s go to back the new student convocation at Crisler Center, our university president Mark Schlissel repeatedly urged us to fulfill one of our most important duties as citizens by going out to vote on November 8th. He stayed neutral for most of the time until he said “The Diag is not surrounded by wall.” A few months ago, in the Michigan Republican primary, Donald Trump won every counties except for Washtenaw, which John Kasich carried. My roommate, a super nice African American, swore for the first time in maybe a week when he called Trump “a f-word joke.” In the mainstream media with the only exception of Fox News, this off-the-chart unusual election has almost become a choice between decency and amorality, reason and anti- intellectualism, and progression and catastrophe. Yes, we can proudly reaffirm, that Trump is not at all popular among the “well-educated” area like Ann Arbor, and this should be a non-issue.
“Outrageously”, I will choose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Despite being an international student, I pay close attention to this election and have several compelling reasons to support Donald Trump. In light of two opinions published by the New York Time Editorial Board “Hillary for President” and “Why Donald Trump should not be President”, I must say the reason to support Trump cannot be, and is not, that he is not Hillary Clinton. I do not intent to persuade those undecided voters, as my intuition tells there aren’t many. Instead, the primary objective is to offer the perspective of an outsider, more specifically an international student like me, and my rationales followed will focus on what concrete t...

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...don’t need any of these to feel good or achieve my potential. The world is not at all fair, which is perfectly acceptable, and I am not here to voice for transformation. However, what I see is on one hand Donald Trump tries to reinforce the law of this country and takes a lot of heat; on the other hand, Democrats occupies a high moral ground, focuses on some sensitive terms and political correctness, vowed to be fair and offer equal opportunities for everyone.
Who is the hypocritical? Who is the self- righteous? Who is anti-immigrant? Well the New York Times suggested “a comparison between the two would be an empty exercise” because “Donald Trump discloses nothing concrete about his plans while promising the moon and offering the stars on layaway.” Then I guess supporters of Trump must defy all logic and morality so my opinions should be disregarded categorically.

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