Why I Learned My High School Career Essay

Why I Learned My High School Career Essay

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The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “linear” as “progressing from one stage to another in a single series of steps; sequential.”Life itself can perhaps be described as something that is inherently linear. It is made up of various sequential stages, and one of the most crucial ones is education. One is expected to proceed through school, get good grades, and take standardized tests. A compilation of what one has accomplished throughout his or her school career is then compounded into a specific numerical value that can possibly affect their college opportunities and later the remainder of his or her life. What often isn 't taken into account though is how one deviates from the linear steps assigned to him or her from a very young age, and who he or she is beyond the numbers on a piece of paper. I believe that the lessons I have learned in my high school career translate into something more significant than what can be transposed into qualitative or quantitative data.

When I was in kindergarten, I was presented with an assignment in my art class that asked you to draw what you wanted to be as an adult. I drew myself simply as an artist, doodling with my fellow classmate. Little did I know, this was something that would follow me for the rest of my education, and advance from a hobby into a dream that fuels my future. I was quickly advanced to teacher’s pet in any art and music classes I was taking, and I won several awards and got recognized for my newfound skills. However, the gratification was almost false in a sense. Talent did not equal a viable career; I had to channel my abilities into something useful. In high school, I was suddenly faced with the fact that I needed to give myself a voice in order to go places. So, I jo...

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...ucation through a standardized system that is oriented towards people who, are seen as the norm.

Everyone has a different path and different needs as they proceed through their high school career and later, onto life. This is the most important thing that I have learned in my high school career, and that there is no right or wrong way for me to proceed into my future and my career. I can find success in art and leadership and science and I need to find the pathway to get there that is the most helpful to me. But I can not accomplish my dreams immediately, my process must be linear. It must have steps and reason. Just because I follow a linear path though, doesn 't mean it 's the same as everyone else’s. In order to find success in the remainder of my high school career, and in my journey through college and later the rest of my life, I need to follow my own road.

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