Essay Why I Learned From The Middle School

Essay Why I Learned From The Middle School

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Growing up reading and writing weren 't always my favorite subject in school. It was hard for me when I first started in the early elementary days. Getting a reading assignment from a teacher was something I dreaded. I knew it was gonna be very important to fix that and actually get involved in my readings. I tried to find some sort of interest in the text and learn it. The reason I was like that was due to TV showing me everything I needed to see. I never had to read anything for information I would just turn on the news or ESPN. That 's just how it is now a day we have so many other resources for information other than a book or newspapers. My parents would always tell me that I needed to start reading more, even just picking up a newspaper and reading the sports articles if that 's all that interested me. Any form of reading will enhance your vocabulary and I knew it but still nothing interested me going into middle school. So I started trying to pick up more books mainly sports novels that interested me during that time. Still nothing. I just wasn 't grabbing hold of the text like I felt most people did and the passion for it just wasn 't there. I continued down the road going to school then coming home and hanging out with my friends. I would ditch the books probably every night in middle school just to watch TV. I always thought ahead towards high school and college and wondered what I would do when I got to that stage in my life. I didn 't think I could really do it without understanding my daily readings in class. So then came the standardized tests to make it out of middle school. I wasn 't too worried about the math, but the reading and writing was a major concern for me. They didn 't give us much to study from so I just...

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...en you get to college you learn that reading is everything and understanding of that reading are more important. Sparknotes doesn 't work the way it did in high school. At this point, I think that reading can still be kind of boring, but I have been starting to like it and see why I need it so much. Everyone has different interests and reading just wasn 't one for me. No matter how hard I tried I just hated it growing up. Also, part of growing up is learning to deal with something or people that you may not be the most fond of. So adapting to the college material is something that is crucial right from the start. The essays are longer and the responses are expected to be longer. Reading all the passages you have to read will help make all of this a lot easier. College is all about analyzing and understanding the text and it is an essential to start taking full grasp.

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