Why I Have Not Been Before And Take Me Out Of My Comfort Zone Essay

Why I Have Not Been Before And Take Me Out Of My Comfort Zone Essay

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For this assignment I decided to go some where that I have not been before and would take me out of my comfort zone. I was invited by my roommate Grant to spend the weekend at his family’s place in Santa Monica. Before the weekend I have never met any of them and have never been around that area. All I knew was that his whole family was going to be there. It had me frightened at first because I am not a out going person. I usually sit back and let other people talk and do not ask a whole bunch of questions. During the weekend I observed the family and neighborhood where he lived, and a family party. The family and the neighborhood they lived in was a great place for the assignment.
The first thing that was observed was my roommate’s family that I was just now meeting for the first time. Kathleen, my roommate’s mother is like most Mexican American of the moms that I know. She is a double day working mom. She works for an insurance company called Gallagher White out of her own home office all day long. While taking breaks she is cleaning and doing laundry around the house. Even after her job she takes care of the rest of the household chores that she may have not gotten to. Also, she makes sure that ever member of the family does not have anything to worry about. The father, Dean, is a white American man who works during the day in construction. Unlike the wife who is busy all day and night long, Dean gets to come home and relax and have fun with the kids. When asking about their marriage they had nothing to hid and where willing to share. About two years before they got married they made the decision to move in together into a virilocal residence. Kathleen moved into Deans place because he already owned it and she was renting an...

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...y were there too. They have been part of Grant’s life since he was six-year-old and treat each other has brothers. They would pick on each other and make jokes at one another like they were related.
Doing the observation in neighborhood of Santa Monica of my roommates parents house was a great place. It showed me the difference of other cultures in the ways that they work in their jobs and who takes cares of ones’ family. It also showed that even when growing up with the same parents two people can look and act different when being the same sex. Sometimes a person can even have trouble identifying what sex, gender, and even sexual orientation they might be. This participant observation shows that a person really needs to get to know a person and not just base their ideas of what a person is on just by the way they might look and with what they are doing at the time.

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