Essay about Why I Have Experienced Stress

Essay about Why I Have Experienced Stress

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I have experienced stress due to many aspects of my life. From my experience the things that go on inside my household play a big role in my stress level which have led to me having some health issues.
I have been stressing for a long time; but if I remember correctly, things really started getting hard before the birth of my first child. Back in September of 2008 I lost a child due to miscarriage. The doctors then told me it seemed to be caused from stress which in return only made me stress worse. I seem to take everything too serious, everything stresses me out. I’m not sure if it is just me or all women are like this, but I feel like if I don’t worry about it then who will.
One of the things that has gone on inside my household is just simply being a mother to three young girls. These girls are my pride and joy; however, they are probably my biggest stress causers. To some that may sound awful, but it’s simply the truth. They need so much because they are still so young and very close in age. I have to cook for them. Not only three meals a day but at this age they require a snack in between meals. Two of them cannot dress themselves yet, so I’ve got to do that for them. When they need to go to the doctor it is always me who has to take off to carry them. Anything they need they turn to me for help. Daddy does not play a huge role in this, because they would rather have Mommy; besides he would not know how to deal with most of it. For a mom it comes natural. A big chunk of my life goes to caring for my children, which is the way it supposed to be; however, it isn’t always easy.
Our finances are another big stressor in our house. I’m always worried about the bills and how we are going to take care of certain things that ne...

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...eath. The findings came from a review from 2012-2013 Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which shows at least twenty cases that resulted in heat illness or death. Thirteen of those cases concluded in death. In the other seven cases heat exposure resulted in heat illness. These deaths happen in jobs where the workers are operating in tremendously hot environments, in turn they are building up metabolic heat at a much quicker rate, and so then their bodies are neither able to cool down nor release the metabolic heat. (Arbury, Jacklitsch, Farquah, Hodgson, Lamson,, Martin, & Profitt (2014).
Stress Prevention and Management
The Clinical Practice Guideline for Management of Post- Traumatic Stress talks about the challenges they undergo while supporting the preventions of posttraumatic stress as well as any other outcomes due to exposure. (Nash & Watson, 2012).

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