Why I Have Chosen to Study Criminology Essay

Why I Have Chosen to Study Criminology Essay

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Everyone is unique but despite gender, ethnicity, age and class we all have one thing in common. We all belong to a society. I have chosen to study Criminology as I am very enthusiastic about this aspect of society and I am keen to widen my knowledge which I have learnt through studying A level Sociology. My favourite topic throughout my AS year whilst studying sociology, was Crime and deviance. The subject of Crime I feel is of great importance and relevance to modern day society because it is increasingly a cause of concern in everyday life and create issues which affect us as a society.
I am inspired to study Criminology because I am curious to know what drives people to commit crimes. Living close to Broadmoor Hospital which holds some of Britain’s most notorious offenders has motivated me to try and understand the reasons why people commit such unimaginable crimes. The documentary series “Inside Broadmoor” really transformed my views on the institution. This has motivated me to study criminal and psychological behaviour. Although investigating the behaviours of criminals will a...

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