Essay on Why I Have A Non Christian?

Essay on Why I Have A Non Christian?

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Currently, I have been with my significant other for 5 years now and I have always had this question in mind because my significant other regularly practices Catholicism, while I on the other hand do not. From my perspective, I have seen a variety of relationships end because the other person is not invested into Christianity as much as their significant other. However, I have seen countless number of relationships continue to be successful with the couple practicing different religions. Some people may practice Christianity different than others. Therefore some people may say that it is not acceptable for a Christian to date a non-Christian because their relationship should be centered on the Lord and that you should love the Lord before you love someone else. Furthermore, if you were raised in a traditional household, when it comes to most religions, the standard is to be with someone within your own religion. On the other hand, I believe that we are living in a modern society where somebody should be with a person they truly have feelings for and the religious affiliation should be taken care of afterwards. You can still love the Lord before anyone else and being in a relationship with a non-Christian should not affect your relationship with God. Furthermore, your practice of religion and belief of the lord should not be affected by anyone else but yourself because the only person that can judge you is the Lord. If a Christian believes that dating a non-Christian would not hinder their relationship with the Lord than they should be able to date anyone that practices any religion.

Question 2: How would you be considered a Christian?
Since I was growing up, I never practiced any specific religion. Until I graduated high school ...

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... the Holy Spirit and when I consume alcohol, I am consuming toxic and continuing to damage myself. Even though these are just a few examples of sinful actions, growing up in an age of social media, the standard of practicing Christianity seems somewhat strict to me. To a certain extent, in the public view, if you do not practice the religion precisely, some people may judge you and not consider you a believer of the Lord. On the other hand, referring to my first question, I believe that it is up to yourself whether you believe your lifestyle is Christianity worthy. To answer my question, I somewhat believe my lifestyle can meet the standards of practicing the religion under the Lord’s eyes as well as my own eyes. As long as I believe that my lifestyle may meet the standards in Gods eyes than that’s all that matters because the Lord is the only one that can judge me.

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