Why I Got Attracted Towards Computers Essay example

Why I Got Attracted Towards Computers Essay example

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Since my childhood, creating and exploring has been my passion. During that period, computer was not a very common subject. May be, this was the reason, why I got attracted towards computers. I learnt computer techniques and operations, all by myself. As a child, I loved spending time on Desktop, exploring, which action performs what function. Sitting in front of my computer around 10 years ago, I was contemplating on a question asked by my teacher in a weekly class quiz, “How computer works”. She gave us one day to give an answer. The desire in me made me to work harder to come first in that quiz. It made me realize that the concept of computers well exceeds the answer for the question asked. A small seed sowed in the form of a question by my teacher, which later grew into a massive tree of thoughts with innovative ideas as branches hanging on it. As I grew up, I introduced myself to the Computer history and its generations. Moreover, I keep myself update with latest version and technology of computer system.
With time, creating programs in various languages, on different platforms, became my favorite pass time. I 'm always eager to rectify the errors, occurring while compilation or run time. It is this passion, which made me to choose my bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications. After deciding what to become at an early stage, I went for a computer course offered by Aptech Institute, along with an Internet learning program at NIXI to boost my skills in computer applications. My interest followed me to college where I chose 5 years of Integrated Bachelors and Masters Computer Applications degree. This program included 3 years of undergraduate and 2 years of graduate degree at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). The...

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...to develop applications that will prove beneficial to the society. I believe that the graduate program in Informatics would give me the perfect platform to pursue my career, dreams and objectives. The excellent lab facilities, faculty and research environment at Northeastern University complement the opportunities in the United States, a pioneer in computer technology, manufacturing and sales. All these make the United States a compelling proposition.

At Northeastern University, I 'll be able to flourish my passion of creation and modification. I’ll be able to provide proper shape to my technical creativity, under the guidance of NEU experts. I believe, I’ll come through new technologies and guidance. I urge for concrete knowledge of software and computer technologies. And I 'm sure, this Master’s course in informatics at NEU, will provide me the required knowledge.

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