Why I Don 't Play Sports Essay

Why I Don 't Play Sports Essay

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Church and school are two of the biggest parts of my life. My first memories are going to church and school, because that is all I’ve ever focused on. I don’t play sports, so I spend my free nights after school and weekends studying for tests and going to church. My summers consist of working and volunteering in church programs. My biggest priority in life will always be excelling in my faith and learning to work as a team.
One quality that has always stuck with me through the 17 years of my life is leadership. Whether it was me organizing the games my sister and I would play when we were younger, or being the one person to start a class discussion on the first day of school when everyone else was too shy to muster something up, I have always been one to take action and charge. I strive to perform to the best of my ability in an academic setting, because I know I can achieve great things if I do. Besides the academic side, I take part in many clubs and extracurricular activities. In school, I am a part of the Big Buddy club. In Big Buddy, teachers pair high school juniors and seniors up with children who need a little bit of extra attention in grades Kindergarten through sixth. Once a month the older folks drive to their little buddy’s school and spend about an hour with them. I know that this one hour a month means everything to my little buddy, even if it’s a small fraction of my time, which makes it so worthwhile. Being a big buddy makes me feel like a leader, because I know my little buddy, Camille, looks up to me when I see how ecstatic she gets when I walk through her classroom door. I am also an officer for Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, where we do service projects. Being in this organization my school...

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...in my college years is to travel on an international mission trip, so I can not only serve people in my community and other places in the United States, but the less fortunate around the world. Since my first year at Catholic Heart Workcamp, I knew I needed to do this, the only factor holding me back was my age, which is why I’m waiting until college. The feeling of helping others in such a selfless way constantly rekindles a spark in myself when my own light goes out.
Good character is not measured by how often you go to church or the righteous intentions you have. It is a mixture of faith, service, and leadership, and showing exquisite action in them. It is not just going to church, it is growing in your faith. It is not just doing a community project, it is wanting to do more service for everyone. It is not just being ahead, it is taking a stand as a leader.

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