Essay on Why I Don 't Need A Cellphone

Essay on Why I Don 't Need A Cellphone

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In this day and age it seems like everyone from the youngest to the oldest has a cellphone. I’ve seen children as young as 5 years to adult over the age of 80 years olds using a cellphone. I believe I don’t need a cellphone. Cellphones and its accessory such as the cases can be very expensive. Don’t get me started on the monthly bill. When you first open an account, the wireless carrier claims they are giving you the best plan ever, and that the monthly rate will remain the same for a least one year. However, within a month or two you look on your bill and see that you have to pay at least $40 more than when your service started. These are the hidden fees and cost that the carrier does not tell you about when they lure you in to choosing their service. Then when you call to complain, the customer service representative tells you “sorry Sir or Madam but you went over you monthly plan,” and to add insult to injury they turn around and try to tell you they think you should upgrade in order to get the best service. Cellphone rates can be high and yet the wireless service itself is not the best. Without a cellphone, I don’t have to worry about drop calls or that the phone call fading in and out just as I or the person on the other end of the phone was about to make a valid point.

I have found that because of cellphones, communication has become a lost art. Instead of communicating verbally, one tends to text. People have lost the skills on how to look each other in the eye and talk! Without a cellphone I am able to have face to face conversations. I am able to look someone in the eye without hesitation and speak. I’m also able to hear the sincerity in someone’s voice that I’m speaking to them or the anger in their tone. Thr...

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...hout a cellphone I don’t have to speak to people that I don’t want to. I can just avoid going around their surroundings. I won’t feel obligated to tell a lie when I see them as to why I did not answer their calls or return a text. When I run into someone I haven’t seen in years I won’t feel obligated to take their number even though I know I am never going to call them. So the next time they see me they don’t have to ask “why you never call me.” Don’t get me wrong, I am a very friendly person and love to socialize but I don’t like speaking on the phone.

When all is said and done, sometimes I just need to be disconnected. Sometime I just need to be unreachable. Sometimes I just need a break from all the madness that’s going on in other people’s life and sometimes I just need a moment to reflect on my own life. Not having a cellphone can make that very possible. “

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