Why I Don 't Know If You? Essay

Why I Don 't Know If You? Essay

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I don 't know if you have ever been close to an Alzheimer 's patient but it 's confusing. It 's scary. It 's sad. It 's a slow, painful way to leave for everyone involved. You say goodbye long before the body leaves and your new normal becomes seeing someone you love look at your face with a certain empty look that 's hard to explain. There 's no longer the fire and life in their eyes that you once used to see. There is however, moments of clarity. In the midst of the confusion, you see a small light in their eyes for a few minutes. They remember you. They love you. You get them back for that few minutes. It all too soon silently slips away and the light disappears followed by the question "Who are you?". You smile back and explain and every time its a little bit harder. When their physical being is gone you tend to think back to one of two things. One, you remember the days before the devil stole their memory. Two, you remember the moments of clarity. The moment when they remember the words to that song they haven 't sung in years and sing along with you loud and clear. Those are th...

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