Essay on Why I Don 't Be Good For The Soul

Essay on Why I Don 't Be Good For The Soul

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The body is a constant battle between the brain and heart, it’s up to your soul to determine which wins the war.
Flight preparation:
I hate the idea of having to move to Australia I always have, I hate having to leave my sister and mother behind in a place like South Africa. Yes South Africa is dangerous but it’s my home. I can’t move to Australia and live with people I’ve never known. I don’t know how well I will survive, I need my family. I have been with my mother and sister for fifteen years and my mother thinks I can just up and leave without a thought.
Although when you think about it. It will be an educating adventure that will be good for the soul. This move is purely for my future giving me the chance to get a better education and further myself as a man. Get an education, a good job, money a nice car, life will be great if I get that all done, surely it will be easy.
All I have to do for now, is pack my bags, undies, shirts, pants, socks but remember to leave behind my family. I guess that is what Mom thinks I am capable of doing. That’s right, move to a place I have no idea about, to live with my father and Step mother.
Stepmother (stɛpmʌðə): A crazy woman named Trudie who is not my mother but will act as if she is my mother.

I have only ever met Trudie once, back in 2010 when Trudie and Dad came over to visit the family. I always had a bad feeling about her, which will surely make living with her very difficult.

Day of Flight:

This will be easy, I will get on the flight, watch a few movies and before I know it I will be in Australia enjoying the beaches, babes and sun tanning. This move is such a good idea, I know I will enjoy it beyond belief. Brenna and Mom will be fine. They can handle themselves, they surely...

... middle of paper ...

...he day I could go back.

That’s it Damian, enough, only two hours until the plane lands and a new world awaits. But I couldn’t lose the feeling of what my father and Step mother will be like. Will they be cruel and mean to me? Will they be kind to me and help me further myself. How will they like the idea of me wanting to go back? So many questions and still no answers.

What’s this feeling? My heart is tightening and my breath shortening. How can such a simple task of walking off the plane make me feel so ill? The time has come. Time so shine. I began my walk to my new destiny to be greeted by a tall grey haired man that looks very similar to my father next to him a beautiful woman and a little boy.

“Hello my boy, I have missed you.”

Change can be scary, but you know what’s scarier? Allowing Fear to stop you from growing, Evolving and progressing.
-Amanda Hale

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